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Bed Head Small Talk 200ml

£8.95 (inc VAT £10.74)

Thickifier – adds body and volume. Energizer – gives life to limp hair. Stylizer – defines, separates and controls.

- Adds shine and controls frizz
- Thermal protectant
- Light to medium hold and manageability


Hayashi Hinoki Plus Hair and Scalp Revitalizer 125ml

£1.50 (inc VAT £1.80) was £4.99

Promotes healthy hair growth. Reduces oil build-up so your scalp can breathe. Controls dandruff while protecting and repairing hair. Adds extra body and shine. Use after conditioning and leave-in. Available in 125ml 4oz. bottles

Out of Stock

Tigi Bead Head for Men Matte Separation Workable Wax 75g

£7.25 (inc VAT £8.70)

Who: Guys who want hold, style and a natural finish.

A pliable wax with matte definition.

Beeswax, cera caranauba and a blend of polymers provide separation, hold and humidity resistance.

Apply to damp or dry hair for texture and hold.


Tigi Bed Head After Party 100ml

£9.50 (inc VAT £11.40)

Tigi Bed Head After Party is the perfect solution to the morning after the night before for your hair.

This creme revitalises the hair and smoothes away frizz and fly aways for a sleek, shiney style with minimum effort


Tigi Bed Head Candy Fixations Glaze Haze 60ml

£6.20 (inc VAT £7.44)

Tigi Bed Head Candy Fixations Glaze Haze is a super sweet lightweight smoothing serum! Smoothes the cuticle for a super silky finish with high shine while reducing drying time.

Out of Stock

Tigi Bed Head Candy Fixations Sugar Shock 150ml

£0.00 (inc VAT £0.00)

Mist TIGI Bed Head Candy Fixations Sugar Shock into hair for a tousled look, or layer throughout hair for extreme texture, fullness and hold.

Out of Stock

Tigi Bed Head Candy Fixations Totally Baked 207.0ml

£7.95 (inc VAT £9.54)

Meringue styling prep for the ultimate, delectable texture experience. For long-lasting weightless movement and enhanced performance of other styling products. Super light, creamy foam provides shape retention to add to the life of a hairstyle. It's not greasy or sticky and is humidity resistant.

Out of Stock

TIGI Bed Head Control Freak Extra Extra Straight 250ml

£7.30 (inc VAT £8.76)

This product has now been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Extra Extra Straight Hair Straightener

With one quick blast – get your freakin hair straight as a board.

Use with Control Freak Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum for best results not included.

- Smoothes and seals cuticle
- Calms static
- Thickens and smoothes

Out of Stock

Tigi Bed Head Control Freak Serum 250ml

£7.95 (inc VAT £9.54)

TIGI Bed Head Control Freak Serum is a weightless shine serum that helps to add a glossy finish to all styles while keeping the hair smooth and frizz free


Tigi Bed Head Creative Genius Liquid 200ml

£6.70 (inc VAT £8.04)

TIGI Bed Head Creative Genius Liquid is a sculpting gel perfect for creating extreme looks and styles.

Allows you to retexturise your hair and add shine

Out of Stock

Tigi Bed Head Dumb Blonde Smoothing Stuff 50ml

£7.25 (inc VAT £8.70)

Smart stuff for Dumb Blondes Shine, defrizz, and add the perfect finishing touch. Created by blondes for blondes and all the colours in between.

Restores moisture in colour-treated and processed hair, protects against UV damage and has a Papaya fragrance


Tigi Bed Head Ego Boost 200ml

£7.95 (inc VAT £9.54)


This leave-in conditioner will smooth split ends and protect dry hair from environmental elements, chemical treatments and brushing.

Leave-in conditioner Moisturises Helps seal split ends Detangles


Tigi Bed Head Foxy Curls Extreme Mousse 250ml

£6.45 (inc VAT £7.74)

TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls Extreme Mousse is an activating mousse to bring the most out of your curls. Helps to protect against thermal damage while conditioning and replenishing the hair


Tigi Bed Head Foxy Curls Hi-Def Curl Spray 200ml

£6.95 (inc VAT £8.34)

Tigi Bed Head Foxy Curls Hi-Def Curl Spray is an ultra fine mist designed to help you achieve defined, frizz free and seaparetd curls for a bouncy vibrant style


Tigi Bed Head Foxy Curls Shaping Contour Creme 200ml

£5.40 (inc VAT £6.48)

TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls Shapeing Creme is designed specifically for curly hair types to help you get the best out of your hair.

This light creme adds intense moisture to curls that are normally dry to give lustrous, natural and healthy looking curls


TIGI Bed Head Hard Head Mohawk Gel 100ml

£8.50 (inc VAT £10.20)

Mohawk Gel For Spiking and Ultimate Hold

Dries quickly, defies gravity. You don’t have to have a Mohawk, just a serious desire for your hair to stay put.

- Mega hold without a heavy feel Glossy finish
- Helps protect colour.

Directions for use.
Squeeze a small amount onto fingertips and work through dry hair


TIGI Bed Head Hard to Get Texturizing Paste 42g

£8.70 (inc VAT £10.44)

Playin hard to get has never been so easy Light, matte, separated hold gets a pieced out look that is totally off the hook.

- Creates thickness and separation
- Moisturises
- Clean feel and scent.

Directions for use
Remove a small amount with fingertips, rub fingers together then work through hair


TIGI Bed Head Headrush Shine Spray 200ml

£9.75 (inc VAT £11.70)

Shine Adrenaline with a Superfine Mist.

Super fine shine spray that will go straight to your head. This lightweight mist gives your hair extreme gloss with all-over coverage.

- Adds depth to highlights and colour
- Eliminates static
- Smooth, healthy finish.

Directions for use.
Mist evenly over dry hair


TIGI Bed Head Maxxed-Out Massive Hold Hairspray 236ml

£7.25 (inc VAT £8.70)

Massive Hold Hairspray

Quit your bichin This P.M.S. (Pump. Massive. Style) unisex formula is quick drying and guarantees hold and super shine.

- Any hair length or texture
- Helps protect hair from sun damage
- Fine mist for light, even application


TIGI Bed Head Spoil Me 300ml

£7.80 (inc VAT £9.36)

Defrizzer, Smoother and Instant Restyler

Get spoiled…instantly. Indulge yourself with this smoothing anti-static defrizzer that gives light, moveable hold. Be spoiled…its about smooth, soft, sexy hair.

- Helps repair and moisturise
- Light hold
- Prevents static

Out of Stock

TIGI Bed Head Superstar Blow-Dry Lotion 250ml

£7.95 (inc VAT £9.54)

Thermal Blow-dry Lotion for Thick Massive Hair

Pumps up volume to unbelievable heights.

- Builds body and holds style
- Conditions and repairs
- Helps protect from heat styling damage.

Directions for use.
Pour a generous amount into palm of hand and work through damp or dry hair and blow-dry


TIGI Bed Head Superstar Queen for a Day Thickening Spray 300ml

£7.95 (inc VAT £9.54)

Queen For a Day Thickening Spray

Feel like a queen, look like a superstar.

Get volume, body and lift that just will not quit.

- Adds strength and elasticity
- Thickens and conditions
- Natural, non-sticky feel.

Directions for use.

Spray throughout damp hair. Layer with Superstar Blow-dry Lotion for Thick Massive Hair for a stronger hold. Blow-dry as desired.


TIGI Bed Head Wax Stick 75g

£9.25 (inc VAT £11.10)

A Hair Stick For Cool People

Instantly creates texture and hold.

- Leaves no build-up
- Soft and pliable
- Semi-matte finish.

Directions for use.

Apply to dry hair. For short hair (2 – 3 inches in length), apply in a circular motion over entire head. Shape to achieve a spiked look. For medium to long hair, flick through layers or ends for a piecey look


TiGi Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier 150ml

£8.20 (inc VAT £9.84)

Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier will enhance your natural texture, give hold and control for defined curls and streamlined waves. Essential oils combined with thermal and environmental protectants nurture curls for a touchable, radiant finish.




Out of Stock

TIGI Catwalk Root Boost Spray 250ml

£8.50 (inc VAT £10.20)

Mousse for lift and texture. Magnificent volume starts at the roots.

This fine mist foam delivers the lift and support essential for a long lasting, dramatic style.

Tip: Section off hair and concentrate spraying into roots for lift, then blow-dry.

- Carbomer
- Polyquaternium-7
- PPG-5 Ceteth-20


Tigi Catwalk Strong Mousse 200ml

£7.25 (inc VAT £8.70)

An alcohol-free mousse to give texture, volume and a light hold in fine to medium hairAlcohol-free mousse Adds texture & volume Gives light to medium hold For fine to medium hair


Tigi Catwalk Weightless Shine Spray 200ml

£6.15 (inc VAT £7.38)

Tigi Catwalk Your Highness Weightless Shine Spray delivers high shine gloss to all hair types while being careful not to weigh the hair down or leave a greasy residue

Out of Stock

Tigi Catwalk BLOW OUT BALM 90ml

£8.95 (inc VAT £10.74)

This blow out in a bottle gives touchable, glossy hair without sacrificing natural fullness. Silk and soy combine with a blend of dragonfruit and bamboo to give a straight style with long-term hydration. Alluring Citrus Rosewood fragrance


Tigi Catwalk Defining Serum 90ml

£6.70 (inc VAT £8.04)

A fusion of moisture-rich marine botanicals and deep sea extracts defines and reshapes while calming frizz. A light hold completes your look for curls with illustrious shine.

Has a Cool Sensual Jasmine fragrance which conditions hair and adds shine. It smoothes cuticle to control frizz and detangle

Out of Stock

Tigi Catwalk Session Series Styling Cream 150ml

£7.30 (inc VAT £8.76)

Provides style retention and control, fights humidity and adds shine and body while retianing moisture. Tobacco Flower Noir fragrance.


Tigi Catwalk Session Series True Wax 50g

£6.70 (inc VAT £8.04)

Provides shine and hold while controling frizz and protecting against humidity. Tobacco Flower Noir fragrance.

Out of Stock

Tigi Cawalk Strong Mouse 200ml

£7.25 (inc VAT £8.70)

Add strength, elasticity and smoothness without sacrificing hold. It's a necessary tool to create long-lasting, defined curls. Fresh Aquatic Geranium fragrance


Tigi S Factor Dream Drops Shine On 75ml

£9.10 (inc VAT £10.92)

Heat protectant sealer, which provides hair restoration and nourishes hair follicles. Adds nourishment and strength to the hair. Watermelon fragrance.

Out of Stock

Tigi S Factor One Curl at a time Curl Serum 150ml

£7.35 (inc VAT £8.82)

Eliminates frizz adds definition and light hold, and gives a healthy shine while repairing, conditioning and moisturizing your hair. Provides setting properties, curl definition, and lasting style retention without stiffness or greasyness. Pomegranate Mangosteen fragrance.

Out of Stock

TIGI S Factor Silky Smooth Moisture Serum 250ml

£8.00 (inc VAT £9.60)

A scientific blend of ingredients that smoothes the cuticle, protects against environmental and heat damage and restores moisture & balance. Asian Pear fragrance.

Out of Stock

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