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Wella Lifetex Colour protection Shampoo (250ml)

£4.25 (inc VAT £5.10) was £10.95

Gently cleanses coloured and highlighted hair, providing up to 58 percent more colour protection and longer lasting colour brilliance.

Freshly coloured hair shines with radiance and intensity. The silky shine of coloured hair can now be maintained for a longer period of time and the colour experience is intensified thanks to Lifetex Colour Protection. The hair receives intense conditioning and the colour brilliance is protected. Vitamin E has an anti-oxidising effect and protects the colour from fading. The sealing complex conditions the hair and protects it against everyday damage. The result: Hair receives vibrant shine and long-lasting colour protection

Out of Stock

Wella Professionals Brilliance Shampoo for Fine Hair 1000ml

£12.00 (inc VAT £14.40)

Enhances the brilliance of coloured hair. Leaves even fine hair full of shine.

Makes coarse/thick hair smooth and soft to the touch.

Special ingredient: Diamond Dust


Ti Gi Travel kit.

£4.99 (inc VAT £5.99)

The idea solution to not getting expensive shampoo's etc. taken from you or getting ripped off for plastic bags at Air port security.

This handy pack allows you to dispense your products into handy size bottles then into a see through zip bag to comply with regulations.

Pack contains:
3 x 50ml screw top bottles
2 x 20g screw top jars
1 x see through zip close bag.

Out of Stock

Wella Brilliance for coloured hair 3 item Gift set

£12.00 (inc VAT £14.40) was £23.10

This product has now been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Pack contents

Brilliance shampoo 250ml
Brilliance conditioner 200ml
Velvet amplifier 50ml

Original price based on purchased as singles

Out of Stock

Wella High Hair Add Some Body 200ml

£4.45 (inc VAT £5.34)

Firm control
blow dry gel

Out of Stock

Wella High Hair Curl Artist (200ml)

£4.95 (inc VAT £5.94)

Curl Artist is the ideal styling spray for the client who wants curls today and straight tomorrow. On dry hair with either the aid of curling tongs or heated rollers you can bring a feminine look to the hair, creating firm bouncy curls while still protecting the hair from heat damage. The strong hold spray holds the curls in place still allowing them to move and flex and the anti-frizz effect keeps the curls in control.

The Multi-Protect-Formula; with pro-vitamin & UV filter gives protection and shine to the hair.

Spray and set.
Creates strong curls.
Spray onto dry hair, working section by section spray from roots to ends. Then wind the treated section into the heated rollers or curling tongs. When working with curling tongs the Curl Artist Spray prevented the hair from sticking to the curling iron which was more comfortable for the client and better for the hair

Out of Stock

Wella High Hair Fabric Styler 75ml

£4.95 (inc VAT £5.94)

Natural control with multi active protector.

Out of Stock

Wella High Hair Finishing Spray 400ml FIRM CONTROL

£6.10 (inc VAT £7.32)

This product is now discontinued


Firm hold is yellow flash

Out of Stock

Wella High Hair Finishing Spray 400ml ULTRA CONTROL

£6.10 (inc VAT £7.32)

This product has now been discontinued


Ultra hold is orange flash

Out of Stock

Wella High Hair Flat Iron Spray 200ml

£5.25 (inc VAT £6.30)

This product has now been discontinued by the manufacturer.

* Wella High Hair Flat Iron Spray 200ml

Two phase system provides protection from the straightening iron's heat, whilst creating a silky shine and light hold, ensuring a longer term straightening effect.

Anti-frizz properties ensure your hair stays straight. Dry hair completely. Shake spray well in order to mix two phases thoroughly. Finally, spray on section by section evenly throughout, and smooth the hair with straightening irons

Hurry Only while stock lasts!!!

Out of Stock

Wella High Hair Freeze 75ml

£4.99 (inc VAT £5.99)

For firm control with multi active protector


Wella High Hair Gloss Serum 75ml

£5.75 (inc VAT £6.90)

Give your hair an intensive shine and glossy sheen with this Wella High Hair Gloss Serum.

This finishing spray has an anti-frizz effect, making your hair smooth and silky.

This Multi Active Protector product contains Pro-Vitamin and UV filter ingredients, which enhance the protection and nourishment you need for your hair. Gloss Serum is suitable for all hair types, but works particularly well on your colour-treated hair, as it enhances the colour brilliance

Out of Stock

Wella High Hair Pure Glamour (75ml)

£5.75 (inc VAT £6.90)

Glamour, shine and glory! Shine fluid for use on any style, whether straight or curly, to add suppleness and breathtaking shine. Perfect anti-frizz product for any hair length or texture. Dispense a few drops into palm of the hand and slide a few drops over dry hair or work into the ends.To calm fly-away hair, rub between palms and smooth over hair

Out of Stock

Wella High Hair Sheen Gel Natural Hold 125ml

£3.50 (inc VAT £4.20)

For shaping and shine with natural hold and multi active protector


Wella High Hair Sleek Wonder (100ml)

£4.75 (inc VAT £5.70)

Straightening cream to tame all hair textures from roots to ends even when exposed to high humidity. Provides light control and protects the hair from the heat of the hairdryer. Creates a long-lasting straight look until the next shampoo. Apply sleek wonder into damp hair in sections and comb through. Blow-dry, smoothing out each section


Wella High Hair Style Foundation Colour Protection Milk (200ml)

£5.20 (inc VAT £6.24)

The ultimate style foundation for all hair types. With double-impact shine enhancement complex, containing glucosamine. Infuses your colour with a brilliant shine while strengthening from within. Significantly slows down colour fade. Spray evenly into damp hair for a light control, natural looking style and optimal colour shine enhancement. Immediate colour protection

Out of Stock

Wella Lifetex Colour Protection Mousse (200ml)

£5.20 (inc VAT £6.24) was £9.95

This shine complex of nutrients plus vitamin E and apricot oil nourishes and protects the brilliance whilst repairing the structure of coloured or highlighted hair.

The hair recieves intense conditioning while the colour of the hair is being protected from the influence of everyday damage resulting in beautifully silky smooth hair full of shine and intense colour


Wella Lifetex Colour Reflex Mask Red 150ml

£4.45 (inc VAT £5.34) was £9.95

The shine complex of nutrients plus cinnamon oil penetrates deeply into the hair structure, adding warm illuminating effects to RED hair.

The hair receives intense conditioning leaving it silky smooth and full of shine. When used regularly, colour intensity and shine is enhanced.

Apply a small amount to damp hair and distribute evenly. Massage gently into a lather. Leave for 5-10 minutes according to colour intensity desired, rinse, colour effect last between 1-3 washes

Out of Stock

Wella Lifetex Curl Shampoo (250ml)

£4.25 (inc VAT £5.10) was £9.95

Gently cleanses hair and provides added bounce.

Naturally curly and permed hair easily loses strength and natural vitality, which is why it is so important to use the right hair care range to restore its natural beauty.

Lifetex Curl for wavy and curly hair contains a unique Elasticity Complex with olive extract which gives curls natural vitality and elasticity, whilst intensively conditioning the hair.

The result perfect, supple curls with natural gloss and bounce


Wella Lifetex Nutriplus Cream 30ml travel size

£0.50 (inc VAT £0.60)

Conditioner for permed hair

Clearence only as long as stock lasts!!!


Wella Lifetex Pure Purifying Shampoo (250ml)

£4.25 (inc VAT £5.10) was £9.95

Wella Lifetex Pure Purifying Shampoo has a purity complex with lotus blossoms which helps return hair to its natural state.

The unique formula with soft micro pearls gently cleanses and frees the hair from build up preparing it for deep hydrating

Out of Stock

Wella Performance Hairspray Extra Hold 500ml

£3.99 (inc VAT £4.79)

A traditional hairspray in ultra and extra hold for style support and volume. Keeps hair in place for hours leaving it looking naturally shiny


Wella professional Natural Volume wet 500ml

£8.49 (inc VAT £10.19)

Natural Volume
Styling Mousse -

hold level 2

Easy-to-create volume that gives hair natural movement and catches attention.

Distribute evenly from root to end on damp hair, then blow dry for light, natural support of fine or limp hair

Out of Stock

Wella Professionals Bold Move ( Dry ) 150ml

£8.50 (inc VAT £10.20)

Offers endless styling opportunities sleek, smooth, or choppy textures.

Works best with layered hair. Hold Level 2. 150ml


Wella Professionals Curl Craft Wax Mousse 200ml

£6.75 (inc VAT £8.10)

A foaming wax for curly hair to shape and define for a look of full body and vitality. Hold Level 3. 200ml


Wella Professionals Enrich Mask for Coarse Hair 150ml

£6.30 (inc VAT £7.56)

Wella Professionals Moisturising Treatment for Coarse Hair is a hydrating mask especially formulated for thick, dry and damaged hair.

This luxurious treatment is formulated with shea butter and silk extracts and works to repair and nourish dry, weakhair. The concentrated formula leaves hair incredibly soft and shiny with a healthy, hydrated finish


Wella Professionals Enrich Shampoo for Coarse Hair 1000ml

£12.00 (inc VAT £14.40)

Wella Professionals Enrich Moisturising Shampoo for Coarse Hair is a rich, hydrating cleanser especially formulated for thick hair. Enriched with silk extract and Shea butter, this luxurious shampoo deeply nourishes and moisturises.

Hair is repaired and protected and left silky soft with a radiant shine.


Wella Professionals Extra Volume WET 300ml

£8.60 (inc VAT £10.32)

Gives fantastic body and movement to all hair types. Hold Level 3. 300ml


Wella Professionals Mirror Polish ( Finish ) 40 ml

£4.95 (inc VAT £5.94)

Adds a high gloss finish. Lightweight and non-greasy, for straight or wavy hair. Hold Level 1. 40ml


Wella Professionals Natural Volume WET 300ml

£7.30 (inc VAT £8.76)

Creates volume with natural movement. Hold Level 2. 300ml

Out of Stock

Wella Professionals Sculp Force ( Dry ) 125 ml

£6.50 (inc VAT £7.80)

Creates dramatic shapes and precise styles.

Suitable for use on both wet and dry hair. Hold Level 4. 125ml


Wella professionals Shimmer delight 40ml

£5.09 (inc VAT £6.11)

Illuminate your style with an exquisite shimmer.

Non aerosol Shine Spray

Hold Level 1


Wella Professionals Super Set Finishing Spray 500ml

£8.50 (inc VAT £10.20)

A super set hairspray without the typical signs of hard hold hairspray; hair looks natural, soft and remains in place. Hold Level 4. 500ml


Wella Professionals Travel Twin Pk. Ex. Volume Wet Styling Mousse & Stay Styled Hair Spray

£1.00 (inc VAT £1.20)

Pk. Contains

2 Wella Professionals 50ml travel size products:

1 x Extra Volume Wet Styling Mousse
1 x Stay Styled Finishing Spray

Great for holidays or a week end away.

While stock lasts.

Out of Stock

Wella SP system professional Remove Shampoo 250ml

£4.49 (inc VAT £5.39)

Anti Dandruff shampoo


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