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L'Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Play Ball Density Material (100ml)

£0.00 (inc VAT £0.00)

Thicken and texturise your hair with this LOreal Professionnel Density Material. It is a texturising wax paste that gives your hair flexible hold with an amazing matt finish, adding substance and body to your hair.
Density Material from LOreal range is great for creating messed up, dishevelled looks.

It will not leave an oily residue, even when used in large quantities, but will allow a natural shine to come through.

This texturising wax paste is ideal for your short to medium length hair. It has a waxy cream texture and lovely melon banana fragrance.

Directions of Use

Apply Density Material to towel dried or dry hair

Warm a small amount between your hands Apply evenly to through hair

Out of Stock

LOreal Elnett Strong Hold 500ml Black Label

£5.25 (inc VAT £6.30)

Elnett hair spray with its unique micro-diffuser gives a fine, even spray, that will keep hair in place for hours.

Available in normal & strong hold.

for best prices see our case of 6 and 12 rates.


Loreal Liss extreme 250ml shampoo

£5.95 (inc VAT £7.14)


LOreal Professionnel Tecni Art A-Head Web (150ml

£0.00 (inc VAT £0.00)

Think of a spiders web - weightless but ultra strong! Here is the hair styling version - L'Oreal Professionnel A-Head Web.

This lightweight sculpting paste will give your hair maximum power and hold.

This versatile product from LOreal Professionnel will give your hair a tousled look with great structure without leaving your hair clogged up and heavy.

Directions of Use

Apply a small amount of A-Head Web into your palms and rub together
Pull your hands apart to stretch out the web like fibres
Run your finger through your hair and style as you wish

Out of Stock

LOreal Professionnel Tecni Art Play Ball Deviation Paste (100ml)

£0.00 (inc VAT £0.00)

Send your hair in a new direction with this deconstructing definition paste. LOreal play ball Deviation Paste creates separation and definition in your hair, with a matt, messed up effect.

This enticing paste gives your hair a strong hold ensuring that your style will stay put all day without feeling crunchy. Deviation Paste adds chunky separation, giving style that looks like its got direction, but isnít overdone.

How to Play

Heat a small amount of LOreal play ball Deviation Paste in your hands to make it easy to spread evenly through your hair

You can apply it to your towel dried or dry hair

Use your fingers to shape and define sections, moulding your hair in the direction you want

Out of Stock

LOreal Professionnel Tecni Art Play Ball Motion Gelee (100ml)

£0.00 (inc VAT £0.00)

Shake up your style with this movement boosting gelee. LOreal play ball Motion Gelee emphasise the shape and flow of your hair cut, while giving a shiny wet effect.

This green gel feels luxurious and looks delicious. Motion Gelee boost the movement and gives supple texture to your style.

It enables your hair to move around for a natural feeling of energy, as the gel creates definition with bursts of natural looking shine.

How to Play

Rub a very small amount of LOreal play ball Motion Gelee between your hands

Apply it to your towel dried hair

Blow dry your hair using your fingers to enhance movement

Alternatively, you can apply Motion Gelee directly onto your dry hair section by section to create the movement you want

Out of Stock

Loreal Tec Ni Art Urban Basics Gift Pack with free Tunnel Vent Brush.

£4.50 (inc VAT £5.40) was £10.00

Tec Ni Art Gift pack contains

1 x flexible forming gel spray
1 x flexible natural hold spray

Every pack also includes a free l'Oreal tunnel vent brush


Loreal Tec Ni Art Volume Mousse 3 250ml can

£5.45 (inc VAT £6.54)


Loreal A.Head Clay 50ml Force 4

£7.49 (inc VAT £8.99)

Extra strong hold sculpting fibres allowing you to mould, shape, define and add texture to styles without limits
Strong hold
Matt effect moulding paste

Out of Stock

Loreal A.Head Glue 150ml

£5.95 (inc VAT £7.14)

Super strong hold gel that defies gravity to create extreme styles
Strongest hold and extreme control

Out of Stock

Loreal Air Fix 250ml

£5.59 (inc VAT £6.71)

A super strong spray with long-lasting hold and a quick dry finish
Easy to brush out leaving no residue or crunchiness in the hair
Extra strong hold


LOreal Tecni.Art Crystal Gloss 100ml

£5.75 (inc VAT £6.90)


Loreal Extra Volume Mousse 250ml

£5.45 (inc VAT £6.54)

For root boosting without drying out
Leaves the ends free and light for a natural look


Loreal Fix Design 200ml Force 5

£4.95 (inc VAT £5.94)

Strong hold pump action spray for high precision and a natural shine finish
Extra strong hold to keep styles all day


Loreal Fix Move 100ml force 4

£10.99 (inc VAT £13.19)

L Oréal Professionnel Fix Move is a fantastic creation.

The light natural-feel hold gel holds hair without the stickiness feeling, allowing a weightless, natural feeling movement.

LOréal Professionnel Fix Move delivers great shine with a natural touch to your hair


Loreal Liss Control Cream 150ml

£6.99 (inc VAT £8.39)

A smoothing control gel cream
Can be used to control curls or to perfect heat styling
24 hour anti-frizz protection

Suitable for frizzy, wavy hair


LOreal Play Ball Beach Creme (100ml)

£7.95 (inc VAT £9.54)

Used on towel-dried or dry hair Beach Creme is a soft, silky cream that lets you easily model your hair to create matt, dirty, naturally beachy effects. Boosts movement and leaves no residue on hands or in your hair


Loreal Volume Lift 250ml

£5.40 (inc VAT £6.48)

Extra strong, volumising but flexible root lift to ensure lengths and ends still feel supple and light
Suitable for all hair types
Medium hold

Qty Anti-frizz 250ml

£5.45 (inc VAT £6.54)

Provides strong, long-lasting hold without any frizz
Formulated with Hi-Shine Resolution Complex for a glossy polished finish
Quick drying

Qty Hot Style Iron Finish 150ml

£7.50 (inc VAT £9.00)

Provides the ultimate protection from the heat whilst helping create extremely straight hair
Medium hold

display for display only. Product sold here is Black bottle 150ml bottle.

Out of Stock

Ti Gi Travel kit.

£4.99 (inc VAT £5.99)

The idea solution to not getting expensive shampoo's etc. taken from you or getting ripped off for plastic bags at Air port security.

This handy pack allows you to dispense your products into handy size bottles then into a see through zip bag to comply with regulations.

Pack contains:
3 x 50ml screw top bottles
2 x 20g screw top jars
1 x see through zip close bag.

Out of Stock

Items 1 - 21 of 21 Show 5 15 25 35 per page 1
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