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Affinage Colour Lock Conditioner 300ml

£4.99 (inc VAT £5.99)

Suitable for dialy use helps prevent colour fade. Oil & wax free no animal testing.

10 fl oz / 300ml


Affinage White Ice retail products

£4.99 (inc VAT £5.99)

Affinage White Ice retail range 250ml.

Products avaiable:
01 Deep Cleansing Shampoo
02 Volumising Shampoo
03 Treatment Shampoo
04 Volumising Conditioner
05 Treatment Conditioner

Please write the products you require in the product code box.

A new order for each product is required if one or more items from the range is required.

Qty Please enter number of product you require

Amargan Hair Oil - Hair Treatment 30ml

£13.29 (inc VAT £15.95)

The price listed is the manufacturers recommended retail price, for the trade price you must order by telephone.

Amargan Oil has been used for centuries by women in Morroco as a natural hair remedy its unique properties help to care and manage their hair.

Amargan hair oil has been adopted here in the UK by hair salons, stylist are utilising its unique features to treat clients hair

Amargan Oil is a revolutionary new hair treatment oil from Morocco. Its has suberb natural qualites that leave the hair feeling soft shiny and manageable.

Amargan Oil is derived from the Argan tree a tree that is native to Morocco. The tree grows an abundance of argan fruit the fruit contains inside its flesh a nut this argan nut is ground and its juices extracted. Other complimentary ingredients are added to create Amargan Hair Oil.

Why Amargan Oil

Softens Thick, Unmanageable Hair
Restores Shine and Softness To Dull, Lifeless hair
Instantly Detangles For Ease of Combing
Helps Eliminate Frizz and Controls Flyaway Hair
Strenghtens Brittle Hair
Heals & Repairs Hair Damaged By Colouring & Styling
Soothes The Scalp and Alleviates Itchy, Dry Scalp
Protects Against UV Damage & Other Environmenal Factors
Reduces Hair Drying Time By Up To 40 percent

See the rest of the Amargan Range in the Amargan dept. on this site


Amargan Hair Therapy Control Cream ml

£4.95 (inc VAT £5.94)

Amargan Control Cream 100ml

Amargan 100ml Control Cream big saving against recomended selling price £9.95
For a soft, pliable and silky sheen on finished hair styles. Amargan control cream adds shine, definition and seals fly away hairs to give a stunning glossy result.



£7.55 (inc VAT £9.06)

Amargan Hair Therapy Purifying Cleanser is uniquely formulated to cleanse the hair and scalp removing all impurities and product build up.

Its rich lather will leave hair deeply cleansed and ready fro styling. Suitable for all hair types.

Removes build up of residue from styling products.

Rich luxuriant lather.

Enriched with argan oil to nourish and condition

Leaves no residue leaving the hair clean balanced and ready for styling.



Amargan Hair Therapy Style Shaper 100 ml

£4.95 (inc VAT £5.94)

 Amargan Style Shaper 100ml.

For strong hold with a soft sheen. 

Great saving on recomended selling price of £9.95

NB picture shown is Control cream from same collection of Amargan styling products.


Babyliss Metalic mini brush display tub of 18

£16.90 (inc VAT £20.28)

Assorted colours ideal for handbag


Beauty Tools bathroom kit

£7.95 (inc VAT £9.54)

Kits contents as per picture


Clynol Hair Shine RETAIL 150ml

£2.95 (inc VAT £3.54)

Out of Stock

D: Fi Hydrated:d Shampoo 350ml

£2.95 (inc VAT £3.54) was £5.50

Flat, tired hair gets a big boost.
Formulated to create distinct volume, dimension and Hydrate while leaving hair with a lustrous finish. Colour safe

Out of Stock

Davines Authentic Cleansing Nectar for Hair & Body - 280ml

£7.99 (inc VAT £9.59) was £15.00

While stock lasts ONLY

This is a shampoo with an oily texture. Exceptionally gentle and moisturizing, it is formulated with 98% ingredients of natural origin and contains organic carthame oil which has antioxidant and protective properties.

Authentic Cleansing Nectar is biodegradable.

How to use.
Massage Authentic Cleansing Nectar on your body an dhair with your fingertips, using circular movements in this way you will distribute the shampoo evenly and gently stimulate the scalp-s microcirculation.


Davines Authentic Nourishing Oil for Face, Hair & Body - 140ml

£15.99 (inc VAT £19.19) was £30.35

This is a nourishing and moisturizing oil, formulated with 100% ingredients of natural origin and organic carthame oil which has antioxidant and protective properties.

It is enriched with organic jojoba oil, sunflower oil and sesame oil, which all have antioxidant and nourishing qualities.

Its particular fragrance is a blend of natural essential oils.

How to use.
After a shower, while your skin is still wet, massage Authentic Nourishing Oil on your body, or on your face and cleavage, for its nourishing and antioxidant benefits. On your hands, it ensures protection from external agentrs. Apply a few drops on the driest ends of your hair. When added to a face or body cream, it increases its nourishing power

Only while stock lasts


Dax Vegetable Oil Shampoo 355ml

£3.99 (inc VAT £4.79)

Gentle formula completely removes

Oils, Pomades, Sheen Sprays and other hairdressing styling aids.

Out of Stock

Denman 10 pcs. Heavy duty pony tail elastics Mixed Colours

£2.99 (inc VAT £3.59)


Denman 3 pcs. assorted colours Hair Scrunch Bands

£2.99 (inc VAT £3.59)


Denman 34 pcs. assorted colours Pony tail elastics

£2.95 (inc VAT £3.54)


Denman 4 Pcs. All day hold triple hair grip.

£2.50 (inc VAT £3.00)

Pack as display contains

2 black
2 brown


Denman D3 key ring mini styling brush

£1.99 (inc VAT £2.39)


Denman Hair Hold Up Grip 1 pk.

£3.99 (inc VAT £4.79)


Display Card of 24 Sleeping Nets

£8.99 (inc VAT £10.79)

Each head display has one colour on it.

Colours available


Qty Please state colour required from those above

Envy Effect FrizzGard 30 minute treatement

£23.95 (inc VAT £28.74)

Envy is a fabulous all-natural multi-functional professional salon hair treatment that delivers amazing results.

Chemical free, protecting, easy to use, amazing results and great value.

Pack contains:

1 x No.1 Gentle Cleansing Shampoo
1 x No.2 Dual Fix Reconstruct Rehydrates spray
1 x No.3 Gentle Detangling Conditioner

RSP £39.95


Hair Alive Cool Mint Conditioner 250ml

£2.99 (inc VAT £3.59) was £5.50

Cool mint tingle conditioning with Ph Adjuster

Up to 25 applications /treatments in every bottle


Hair Gear HG6 Protective Styling Creme 238 ml

£4.25 (inc VAT £5.10)

Thermal protecting styling creme for normal to dry frizzy hair.


Advanced styling creme.

Picture displayed is not exact product as sold.


Hair Gear Moisture Mist 238ml

£3.95 (inc VAT £4.74)

With UV protection.

Leave in conditioner treatment spray detangler


Hair Gear Rejuvenator Cleansing Shampoo 360ml

£4.25 (inc VAT £5.10)

For thinning hair

helps against hair loss, safe guards against dhrotesterone build up, encourages healthy hair growth.


Hair Gear Rejuvenator Thickening Conditioner 360ml

£4.75 (inc VAT £5.70)

Weightless conditioner
for fine and thinning hair

Gives body, improves shine

Out of Stock

Headjog Mane-tamer detangling brush

£3.95 (inc VAT £4.74)

 THis detangling brush fits comfortably in the hand and glides painlessly through tangles. 

Available in the following colours

Black, Pink, Lime, Purple, Zebra

Please note the back of the brush is the coloured part, the bristles are always black.


Hempz Curl Booster 8 FL OZ

£2.50 (inc VAT £3.00)

Hempz Curl Booster energizes your hair for those bold, exciting curls. Pure Hemp seed oil and extract help nourish the hair.

Creates a firm, more defined look to your curls while reducing frizz.

Hempz Curl Booster will enhance shine and improve the condition of your hair.


Hempz Firm Hold Finishing Spray (non-aerosol) 50ml / 1.8 FL OZ

£2.50 (inc VAT £3.00)

Hempz Firm Hold Non-Aerosol Spray will set any style with maximun hold.

A fine mist protects style with potent polymers and hemp resins. Pure Hemp Seed oil and extract nurture and replenish with proteins and viamins.

UV inhibitors help prevent color fading


Hempz Firm Hold Shaping Spray 265g / 300ml

£6.00 (inc VAT £7.20)

Hempz Firm Hold Shaping spray holds and protect your style.

Ultra-fine mist allows styling flexibility and long-lasting hold. Hemp seed oil and extract combined with proteins and silicones protect hair from humidity and environmental stress, while powerful UV-protection helps prevent color fading.


Hempz Herbal Moisturizer 4 x 5ml travel sachets

£1.00 (inc VAT £1.20)

Hempz Herbal Moisturizer is an all-day herbal body lotion that provides nourishment and dramatic rehydration through the use of pure hemp seed oil and extract.

Pure hemp seed oil and extract are rich sources of essential fatty acids, amino acids and nutrients vital to providing skin hydration,
nourishment and conditioning.

Hempz Herbal Moisturizer contains Shea Butter, Ginseng and natural extracts to calm, cool and soothe skin.

Hempz Herbal Moisturizer contains vitamins A, C and E to neutralize environmentally triggered oxidants and help minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Hempz Herbal Moisturizer provides 12-hour moisturization.
Hempz Herbal Moisturizer is THC-Drug Free.

Fragrance: Banana and fresh breezy floral

Each pack contains 4 travel size 5ml sachets.


Hempz Leave in Detangler (8oz) 235 ml

£5.75 (inc VAT £6.90)

Hempz Leave in Detangler Instantly detangles for combable, manageable hair.

Hemp seed oil and extract infuse moisture and condition without build-up or residue. UV-inhibitors help prevent color loss, and heat shield ingredients protect against styling damage.

Spray on damp hair and comb through


Hempz Shine Spray 125ml / 4.3 oz

£6.00 (inc VAT £7.20)

Hempz Shine Spray adds instant shine for healthy looking hair.

Hemp seed oil and extract work with natural botanical oils, proteins and special silicones to provide immediate shine, tame frizz and help keep hair conditioned.

Hempz Shine Spray's UV-inhibitors and heat shield ingredients protect from color loss and styling damage.

Hempz Shine Spray is the final step for a perfect style.


Hempz Texture Paste 55ml

£6.00 (inc VAT £7.20) was £7.99

Hempz Texture Paste is designed to add a textured look to the hair.

Apply to Separate sections will leave a naturally tousled look to the hair.

This paste allows time to style before setting, so it is easy to work with and to acheive the perfect look


Hempz Volumizing Conditioner (8oz) 235ml

£6.50 (inc VAT £7.80)

Hempz Volumizing Conditioner is a weightless conditioner utilizing vitamins and proteins to enhance body and fullness.

The protective nature of hemp seed oil and extract provide smooth volumized conditioning, leaving hair feeling thick and healthy.


Items 1 - 35 of 129 Show 5 15 25 35 per page 1 2 3 4 Next
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