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Clynol & Schwarzkopf

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Colour Applicator Bottle 120ml

£1.69 (inc VAT £2.03)


Hair Tools Tinting Kit

£2.75 (inc VAT £3.30)

Kit contains

1 x Tinting Brush
1 x Tinting Bowl
1 x Peroxide measure

Colour Black


Igora Royal Shade Guide

£59.95 (inc VAT £71.94)

Igora shade chart showing the full vast range of colours in the igora royal colour range

Out of Stock

Indola Creations Small Shade Guide

£12.50 (inc VAT £15.00)

The Small Profession Shade Guide displays the range of colours in the Indola Profession Permanent Caring Colour range.

Indola Profession provides intense vibrancy for both colour and tone whilst delivering 100% coverage.

Hair is left in excellent condition with a shine that will last for weeks. The creamy texture is easy to mix and apply


Vitalities Tinting Kit.

£3.95 (inc VAT £4.74)

Kit contains

2 x Vitality's Tinting Brush
1 x Vitality's Tint Bowl
1 x Vitality's Peroxide Measure
1 x Vitality's Tube Key

1 x Vitalities See through hold all

Out of Stock

Viton chart

£40.00 (inc VAT £48.00)

Be confident about your colour results thanks to Clynol's tested & guaranteed true-to-tuft shade guides

Out of Stock

Items 1 - 6 of 6 Show 5 15 25 35 per page 1
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