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Clynol Thickener Elixir Hold 4

£5.15 (inc VAT £6.18)

Hair-thickening Elixir
150 ml
Hold Level 4 / 5

If your clients don’t feel fine about their fine, limp hair, this is all you need to give them and their hair a lift. Loads of weightless body starts right at the roots where it really counts, and builds from there. Then there’s the visibly thicker bounce in our all in one bodybuilding bottle that turns volume to the max and makes every head of hair looks full of life and lustre. Super-strength film formers that hold and plumping chitosan are the magic ingredients at work here and all without weighing down a single hair – your clients won’t feel a thing other than amazing.

Active benefits
Strand intensive thickening
Enhanced root volume and bounce
48 h push-up action

Out of Stock

D-MELI-MELO Detangling Brush ( 84911 19)

£4.95 (inc VAT £5.94)


The detangling brushes are really popular because they are so effective and they work with all hair types. They can be used on both dry and damp hair and are great for applying various types of hair care products. 


Ebe Setting Lotion

£9.95 (inc VAT £11.94)

Ebe Setting Lotion with protein conditioner.

Display box of 24x20ml.

Holds available

Pink for Normal hold

Green for Extra Hold

Please state in box on order form strenght required

Qty please state Hold required normal or extra

Ebe Treble hair thickener

£9.95 (inc VAT £11.94)

Ebe treble hair thickener 24x20ml display pack.

The set that thickens sets and conditions all at the same time.

available in


Please write the colour of your choice in the code box

Qty Enter colour of lotion required

Goldwell Conbel set

£36.95 (inc VAT £44.34)

Goldwell Conbel Set Bx 50 phials.

Available in.

N for Normal hold
F for strong hold (currently unavailable)

Please write in the code box your choice of either N or F

Qty Strength required N

Kindness Set by Proclere

£18.99 (inc VAT £22.79) was £26.99

Proclere Kindness set box of 24 phials

Unique setting lotion non flaky formula which delivers exceptional shine and holding power

available in two strengths


Please write the the strenght required in the code box on the order form

Qty Strength required Normal or Extra

Kindness Silver Set

£24.99 (inc VAT £29.99) was £26.99

Proclere Kindness SILVER set box 24 phials.

Tones away unwanted yellow and sets the hair to perfection

Out of Stock

KIPA Head Shot 250ml

£4.50 (inc VAT £5.40)

Kipa HEAD SHOT Strong Hold Styling / Finishing Mist 250ml

Head Shot is a high performance humidityresistant styling/finishing spray


Kipa ONE SHOT Maximum Hold Hairspray 150ml

£3.95 (inc VAT £4.74)

Kipa HEAD SHOT 250ml

Head Shot is a high performance humidity resistant styling/finishing spray.


Matrix Sculpting Glaze 100ml

£1.00 (inc VAT £1.20) was £2.50

Delivers body and long lasting style retention. Alcohol free.


ProCare Classic Blow Dry Lotion 1 Ltr

£3.99 (inc VAT £4.79)


ProCare Classic Setting Lotion Normal Hold 1 Ltr

£3.99 (inc VAT £4.79)

Also available as blow dry lotion at separate location on this web site


Schwarzkopf Silhouette SMYX Setting Lotion Spray Flexible hold 100ml

£4.99 (inc VAT £5.99)


Schwarzkopf Silhouette Super Hold Mousse 500ml

£5.38 (inc VAT £6.46)

Provides super hold while maintaining great shine and vitality. New Silhouette pure super hold formulation with micro fine film formers for maximum volume and long lasting, yet invisible hold without burdening the hair. Brushes out easily. Use and hold can upside down. Dispense into hand and distribute evenly through clean, damp hair


Style Care Bulk Setting Lotion firm Tub of 24 Phials

£8.99 (inc VAT £10.79)

Good quality economic to use individual phail setting lotion a must for tradional hair styling.

Tube as per middle of display picture


Style care Setting Lotion box 24

£7.95 (inc VAT £9.54)

Out of Stock

Stylecare Bay Rum 1 Ltr

£4.00 (inc VAT £4.80)


Stylecare Blow Dry Lotion 1 Ltr

£3.45 (inc VAT £4.14)


Stylecare Setting Lotion ( EXTRA FIRM ) 1 Ltr

£3.99 (inc VAT £4.79)

Great value for firm crisp set.


Stylecare Setting Lotion ( FIRM ) 1 Ltr

£3.45 (inc VAT £4.14)


Stylecare Setting Lotion ( Normal Hold ) 1 Ltr

£3.45 (inc VAT £4.14)


TIGI Bed Head Superstar Blow-Dry Lotion 250ml

£7.95 (inc VAT £9.54)

Thermal Blow-dry Lotion for Thick Massive Hair

Pumps up volume to unbelievable heights.

- Builds body and holds style
- Conditions and repairs
- Helps protect from heat styling damage.

Directions for use.
Pour a generous amount into palm of hand and work through damp or dry hair and blow-dry


TIGI Bed Head Superstar Queen for a Day Thickening Spray 300ml

£7.95 (inc VAT £9.54)

Queen For a Day Thickening Spray

Feel like a queen, look like a superstar.

Get volume, body and lift that just will not quit.

- Adds strength and elasticity
- Thickens and conditions
- Natural, non-sticky feel.

Directions for use.

Spray throughout damp hair. Layer with Superstar Blow-dry Lotion for Thick Massive Hair for a stronger hold. Blow-dry as desired.


Tigi S Factor Body Booster Plumping Spray 200ml

£8.00 (inc VAT £9.60)

Provides hold, adds body and volume while conditioning and protecting hair from heat damage. Keeps hair conditioned and helps to repair damage, results in a gloss finish. Watermelon fragrance.

Out of Stock

Tigi S Factor One Curl at a time Curl Serum 150ml

£7.35 (inc VAT £8.82)

Eliminates frizz adds definition and light hold, and gives a healthy shine while repairing, conditioning and moisturizing your hair. Provides setting properties, curl definition, and lasting style retention without stiffness or greasyness. Pomegranate Mangosteen fragrance.

Out of Stock

Wella Professional Perfect Setting Blow Dry Lotion

£5.49 (inc VAT £6.59)

Hold Level 2.

Wella Perfect Setting Blow Dry Lotion will help create an exceptional blow dry with a brilliant shimmer and shine.

This hair product is the perfect blow-dry solution. Wella Perfect Setting Blow Dry Lotion will add volume at the roots and crystal shine.

To Use

Mist onto damp hair and blow-dry.

Perfect Setting is a great product for anyone who previously loved Wella High Hair Crystal Styler


Wella Professional Shape & Control Mousse 500ml

£8.49 (inc VAT £10.19)

Extra Volume
Styling Mousse - hold level 3
Create indulgent movement and variation for both creative and classic hair styles.
On damp hair, distribute evenly from root to end. Blow dry with over-direction to the root for voluminous support

Out of Stock

Wella Professionals Dry Pearl Styler Styling Gel 100ml

£5.99 (inc VAT £7.19)

Discover endless possibilities with pearl gloss structure. Lift, texturise or tousle hair for styles with a pearl shine finish with Wella Professionals Dry Pearl Styler Styling Gel.

Hold level 3.

Directions for use
Distribute 1 or 2 pumps of Wella Professionals Dry Pearl Styler Styling Gel into your palms and work into dry hair. For extra lift in short hair, work into wet hair and blow dry


Wella Professionals Flexible Finish Non-Aerosol Working Spray 250ml

£7.29 (inc VAT £8.75)

Discover the unique balance between shaping and fixation with Wella Professionals Finish Flexible Finish Non-Aerosol Working Spray. Work and set creative styles with this wet to dry finishing spray.

Hold level 2.

Directions for use

To finish your style, spray Wella Professionals Finish Flexible Finish Non-Aerosol Working Spray at a distance in targeted bursts onto dry hair. For more creative fixation, manipulate and move hair before the spray dries and sets


Wella Professionals Shape Control ( WET) 300ml

£7.30 (inc VAT £8.76)

A strong hold mousse for all hair types with a firm hold finish. Hold Level 4. 300ml


Wella TAKE SHAPE setting lotion

£9.09 (inc VAT £10.91)

Wella Take shape setting lotion box of 12x18ml bottles

Set the trend for an innovative finish. Hair with structure and strong hold for irresistible styling. Take a fresh approach to modern hair setting with this strong-hold setting lotion. How to use:Distribute the entire capsule on damp hair and stroke from root to end. Roller form. Once dry, massage scalp to free the structured shape, and brush thoroughly to form final style

Out of Stock

Items 1 - 31 of 31 Show 5 15 25 35 per page 1
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