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** Fibreplex by Schwarzkopf starter kit

£75.00 (inc VAT £90.00)

 Fibreplex is the great new product from Schwarzkopf which minimises hair breakage by up to 94% when using lightening or colouring systems.


1. Lightening, Lifting and colouring without compromise

2. Minimisation of hair breakage by up to 94%

  1. 3. Superior hair quality after colour service

4. No change in your colouring routine needed

5. No need to increase developer strength

6. No extra development time needed

7. No percievable colour shifts

8. No intense training necessary

9. Easy mixing ratio

10. Works with all lightening and colouring systems.


Starter kit contains 1x100ml No1 Bond Booster, 2x100ml No2 Bond sealer.



BonaCure Hairtherapy Hair Scalp Dandruff Control Shampoo 250ml

£6.50 (inc VAT £7.80)

Out of Stock

BonaCure Hairtherapy Smooth Control Smoothing Shine Serum 15 x 1ml

£5.99 (inc VAT £7.19)


Clynol Curlylocks Perm

£10.95 (inc VAT £13.14)

This product has now been discontinued by the manufacturer.

The traditional all round perm Curlylocks waving lotion one type for all hair types.

Pack includes:

1 x Ltr Perm


Out of Stock

Colour Applicator Bottle 120ml

£1.69 (inc VAT £2.03)


Hair Tools Tinting Kit

£2.75 (inc VAT £3.30)

Kit contains

1 x Tinting Brush
1 x Tinting Bowl
1 x Peroxide measure

Colour Black


Igora Royal Shade Guide

£59.95 (inc VAT £71.94)

Igora shade chart showing the full vast range of colours in the igora royal colour range

Out of Stock

Indola Creations Small Shade Guide

£12.50 (inc VAT £15.00)

The Small Profession Shade Guide displays the range of colours in the Indola Profession Permanent Caring Colour range.

Indola Profession provides intense vibrancy for both colour and tone whilst delivering 100% coverage.

Hair is left in excellent condition with a shine that will last for weeks. The creamy texture is easy to mix and apply


Natural styling classic 1000ml

£16.50 (inc VAT £19.80)

A collection of different formulations of the Hydro-Wave technology and specific individual ingredients for curls, waves or light styling support, promises the best results and very beautiful healthy looking hair with a moisture balance.

0 - For Resistant hair
1 - For normal hair
2 - For tinted hair

Please state either 0 1 or 2 in code box as required

Qty Strength required

Natural styling hydrowave 4 pk

£11.49 (inc VAT £13.79)

Natural Styling Glamour Wave. Contains Aloe Vera to maintain hair's natural moisture balance. Enhanced care and soft silk touch. With hydrolyzed silk protein.

Please state in code box either 0 1 or 2 as required

0 - for resistant hair
1 - for normal hair
2 - for tinted or highlighted hair

Qty Strength required

Osis Dust It 10g

£7.48 (inc VAT £8.98)

Matt finished lightweight texture for any style


Osis Freeze Fix Hairspray

£5.40 (inc VAT £6.48)

High performance long lasting spray


Osis Grip 200ml

£4.49 (inc VAT £5.39)

Long lasting super hold mousse
Makes your styles last even longer


Osis Magic Serum 50ml

£7.20 (inc VAT £8.64)

Magic frizz eliminator that leaves hair looking highly glossy


Osis Mess Up 100ml

£7.20 (inc VAT £8.64)

Matt cream for ultimate moulding with a matt finish


Osis Shape 50ml

£5.49 (inc VAT £6.59)

A pure transparent wax allowing you to set shapes and styles

Accentuate or smooth down for a sleek, shiny look with this soft wax

Out of Stock

Osis Thrill 100ml

£7.20 (inc VAT £8.64)

Mould and build cutting edge styles


Osis Upload 200ml

£6.70 (inc VAT £8.04)

Great for adding pure volume care to multi-functional styling
For voluminous styling


Scharzkopf Blond Me 6% Blond Developer Litre

£6.19 (inc VAT £7.43)

Balsom Blonde Developer 20 vol


Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure, Styling Treat Smoothing Milk 125ml

£5.89 (inc VAT £7.07)

The Schwarzkopf Bonacure Styling Treat range helps you to create beautiful styles without damage or overburdening.

Create everything from sleek styles to boho waves, skyscraping styles to intricate up-dos with this range of serums, refreshers and hair sprays.

Rest assured that your hair is being given the best possible care from Schwarzkopf


Schwarzkopf Blonde Me Crystal Developer 9% ( 30 vol ) 1 Ltr

£6.90 (inc VAT £8.28)

 For use with Schwarzkopf Blonde Me Crystal powder.

Out of Stock

Schwarzkopf Blonde Me Crystal Powder 450g tub

£12.50 (inc VAT £15.00)

Supreme blonde hair quality transparent gel bleach system powder. Developer as displayed sold seperately. 



Out of Stock

Schwarzkopf BonaCure Color Stay Conditioner 200ml

£2.00 (inc VAT £2.40) was £6.90

This creamy rinse-out conditioning balm seals and protects the hair’s cuticle layer, improving combability and increasing the shine of colour treated, unmanageable hair.

BC BonaCure Color Stay Conditioner leaves hair looking healthy and shiny and promotes added suppleness in porous hair structures.

Out of Stock

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Colour Freeze Silver Shampoo (1000ml)

£9.95 (inc VAT £11.94)

Bonacure Color Freeze Silver Shampoo balances out any unwanted yellow effects. Cool colour pigments neutralise yellow tones from blonde or white hair. Blue, violet pigments enhance silver tones in white hair. Smoothes & improves combability

Picture shows previous packaging, current stock will be in the new packaging


Schwarzkopf Bonacure Colour freeze Treatment (750ml)

£9.95 (inc VAT £11.94)

Please note that these bottles do not come with pumps.

Intensive regeneration of coloured, damaged hair structure, gives healthy strength, protected colour brilliance and suppleness.

Color Stabilizer to protect the hair against colour fade, by retaining the dye pigments thus decreasing colour fade.
Special UV filters well known in skin protection creams protect the hair from environmental fade and damage.
For weekly usage. Apply to towel-dried hair and leave for 5 to 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

Use once a week to provide an extra care boost to colour-treated hair


Schwarzkopf BonaCure Exfoliating Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 150ml

£2.00 (inc VAT £2.40) was £4.90

Relieves scalp of dandruff. Cleansing granules gently exfoliate the scalp whilst the special anti dandruff ingredients take effect.

Out of Stock

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Hair & Scalp Deep Cleansing Shampoo (1 Litres)

£9.95 (inc VAT £11.94)

Daily use shampoo for in depth cleansing of scalp and hair, removes grease and product build up.

Cleanses and purifies scalp and hair.

Apply to wet hair and massage thoroughly. Leave for 2 minutes, then rinse.

Perfect for removing waxes, gels or other styling or care ingredients from the hair. Also ideally suited to remove any excess natural oil from hair

salon size 1250 ml size

Out of Stock

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Moisture Kick Shampoo (1 Litres)

£9.95 (inc VAT £11.94)

Please note that these bottles do not come with pumps.

Daily cleanses dry, coarse and curly hair providing ideal moisture balance for healthy re-hydration and shine.

Cleanses and moisturises dry and thirsty hair.

Non-burdening gel formulation.
Improves combability of dry, brittle hair.

Apply to damp hair and massage thoroughly. Leave for 1 to 2 minutes, repeat if necessary. Rinse and apply conditioner or treatment afterwards.

Leave the shampoo in the hair for a least one minute to allow time for the ingredients to work


Schwarzkopf BonaCure Moisture Treatment with pro-Vitamin B5 100ml

£1.50 (inc VAT £1.80) was £4.90

Special price only while stock lasts.


Schwarzkopf Bonacure OlL Miracle Volume Amplifier 5 100ml

£10.00 (inc VAT £12.00)

BonaCure Oil Miracle Volume Amplifier 5 by Schwarzkopf is made up of Argan, Marula, Almond, Macadamia, Jojoba Oil. Giving you instant grip, for easy styling; luxurious volume; and velvet, weightless shine. This wonderfully nourishing oil gives definition and volume to your hair, adding oppulent shine and suppleness, whilst also protecting against blow-dry heat. The perfect gift to give your hair. 

Out of Stock

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Repair Rescue Conditioner (1 Litre)

£9.95 (inc VAT £11.94)

Please note that these bottles do not come with pumps.

For daily maintenance and restructuring of damaged, bleached and porous hair from within. Provides hair with healthy strength, shine and combability.

Low pH level ensures the closing and sealing of the cuticle layer.
Perfect for maintaining the repair effects.

Improves combability and feel of damaged hair without overburdening.

Smoothes and gives damaged, lifeless hair a silky shine.
Apply to damp hair. Massage through the lengths and ends and leave in for 2 to 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly.

Leave for up to 10 minutes for a more intense caring effect. On extremely damaged hair use Bonacure Total Repair Treatment, for a special treatment boost once or twice a week


Schwarzkopf Bonacure Repair Rescue Shampoo (1 Litres)

£9.95 (inc VAT £11.94)

Please note that these bottles do not come with pumps.

For daily cleansing to restructure damaged, bleached and porous hair from within. Gives healthy strength and shine.

Gently cleanses weakened, damaged hair and begins the repair process.
Improves combability and feel of damaged hair without overburdening.

Healthy strength and shine.
Apply to damp hair. Massage thoroughly and leave for 1 to 2 minutes, repeat if necessary. Rinse and apply conditioner or treatment.

Leave the shampoo in the hair for at least one minute to allow time for the ingredients to work


Schwarzkopf BonaCure Volume Boost Sampoo 1000ml

£9.95 (inc VAT £11.94)

Schwarzkopf BonaCure Volume Boost Shampoo


Ideal to gently clean normal to fine hair without overburdening

Product sold here is salon backwash size 1250mL


Schwarzkopf Igora Royal 60ml

£6.45 (inc VAT £7.74)

IGORA Royal encompasses the areas of Colour Performance, Colour Inspiration and Colour Partnership. Colour Performance: unite IGORA Royal's fast-mixing Color Crème and Color & Care Developer combination that mixes faster than ever, activating special colour & care agents for perfect colour equalisation. Iridiscent micro particles form a Color Crystal Complex, penetrating the hair easily and locking in colour for intense, long-lasting results and superior coverage. Miracle Tree (Moringa Oleifera) proteins in the cream fortify the hair structure, while the developer's cationic ingredients work like a conditioner for ultimate colour care and amazing shine.

Please state shade number required in code box for example for 12-0 special blonde natural enter 12-0

Shades available:

1-0  3-0  4-0  5-0  6-0  7-0  8-0  9-0  5-00  6-00  7-00  8-00  9-00

1-1  5-1  6-1  7-1  8-1  9-1  10-1  12-1  12-11  

4-13  6-12  8-11

5-4  6-4  7-4  8-4  9-4  5-5  6-5

7-55  8-55  9-55  5-57  7-57

4-6  5-6  6-6  4-63  5-63  6-63

3-65  5-65  7-65  8-65  9-65  

3-68  4-68  5-68  6-68  4-88  5-88  6-88  9-98  

5-7  6-77  7-77  8-77  9-7 6-70  7-70

4-99  5-99  6-99  4-90  

10-0  12-0  12-1  12-11 12-19 12-2  12-4

9-40  5-40  

5-50  7-50  8-50  9-50  

4-60  5-60  7-60  6-60  7-60  9-60

5-80  6-80

Igora Royal Fashion L-00  L-44  L-57  L-77  L-88  L-89

Igora Royal Mix D-0  E-1   E-0   0-11  0-22 0-33  9,5-18  9,5-17  9,5-4  9,5-49  9,5-1  9,5-22  

0-89  0-99  0-88  0-77  0-55       



Qty Enter colour number required

Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Vario Blond Cool Lift 60ml

£6.09 (inc VAT £7.31)

 Single step to cool blonde highlights

Schwarzkopf IGORA Vario Blond Cool Lift is a bleach additive that gives secure, cool blonde highlights, even on naturally dark hair. It's designed to work in partnership with a powder bleach like IGORA Vario Blond and provides lift and neutralisation in a single step.
Recommended mixing ratio is 10–15 ml of Cool Lift with 35 g of bleach and 50 ml of IGORA Royal Colour & Care Developer (developer strength depends on starting hair colour). Processing time is 20–60 minutes depending on your required level of lift.
N.B. Cool Lift is only suitable for off-scalp application and should not be applied to either light blonde or previously bleached hair as it may stain blue.
Comes in a 60-ml tube


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