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Setting Nets & Sleeping Nets

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Display Card of 24 Sleeping Nets

£8.99 (inc VAT £10.79)

Each head display has one colour on it.

Colours available


Qty Please state colour required from those above

HairTools Snooze Rollers Kit

£7.99 (inc VAT £9.59) was £9.99

Cling Rollers you can sleep in!

Velcro rollers designed with a sponge inner that will flatten when you lay down, allowing you to sleep more comfortably and wake with fantastic curls!

Kit contains:

8 x Snooze Rollers Yellow 32mm.
8 x Snooze Rollers Large Blue 40mm.
8 x Snooze Rollers Large Green 48mm.


Apply to blow dried hair for best results.
The velcro rollers grip naturally however you could use hair grips for extra security.
Spray with hairspray to fix curls.

Total Package Weight: 0Kg


One for Me sleeping nets assorted Colours diplay box 26

£14.50 (inc VAT £17.40)

36 assorted pastel colours in every box


Snooze Rollers by Hair tools

£2.25 (inc VAT £2.70)

Cling rollers you can sleep in.
Velcro type rollers with a sponge centre,designed to flatten when you lie down, this allows you to sleep comfortably and wake in the morning with stunning curls.
3 sizes are available and come in packs of 6.

please state colour when ordering.

Qty Colour required yellow, blue or green

Items 1 - 4 of 4 Show 5 15 25 35 per page 1
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