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Non Aerosol Sprays

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Bondi Pro WaveCatcher Finshing Spray refill 32/fl oz 944ml

£15.99 (inc VAT £19.19)

Yellow pack.

finshing spray refill bottle great economy.

Relentless hold hairspray
Get style and keep it with this strong hold, fast drying hairspray. Add texture, shine and definition without stickiness or build-up.

944ml/32 fl.oz

Ideal For...
Creating texture


Clynol Animator Strong Hold Pump Spray Hold 3 ( 300 ml )

£4.95 (inc VAT £5.94)

Youve all got a client on your books who doesnt do compromise. So for an instant, no holds barred look that destined not to budge until you force it, this non aerosol spray is a true force of nature to be reckoned with! The superfine mist could fool you into thinking youre dealing with a lightweight , but get ready for a pump action, supercharged performance and residue free finish that screams style and shine at the top of its voice. Any kind of sculpted finish is held right there, caught in the moment until its freed. Your clients in control of their style so theres no finer way to let them take charge.

Out of Stock

Clynol Flatter Thermal Protector Spray Hold 2 300ml

£6.95 (inc VAT £8.34)

Out of Stock

Clynol Massive Volume & Restuctive Spray Hold 2 300ml

£5.25 (inc VAT £6.30)

When youre talking structure to one of your clients, then youre obviously talking serious style architecture and creating a look thats destined to get admired and copied , volumes a must have to create a style impact and frame a face thats camera ready. But can a spray really volumise? We say yes. A lot of styling automatically means a lot of heat and if you want to protect hair from haemorrhaging moisture as you blast away with a dryer, then our mousse has film forming polymers that put the defences in place. Hair upsizes but moisture stays put and so does shine. Can you really ask any more of a styling spray?

Out of Stock

Clynol salon exclusive Move massive volume spray 250ml

£5.25 (inc VAT £6.30)

Out of Stock

Hempz Firm Hold Finishing Spray, 9 oz 300ml

£7.25 (inc VAT £8.70)

Set any style with maximum hold. Fine mist protects style with potent polymers and hemp resins. Pure hemp seed oil and extract nurture and replenish with proteins and vitamins. UV-inhibitors help prevent color fading


Sibel Lacquer Shield

£2.99 (inc VAT £3.59)

Sibel Lacquer Shield is elegant and almost unbreakable with rubber handle and chain for hanging up


Silhouette Styling & Care Lotion 200ml

£3.99 (inc VAT £4.79)

Leaves hair voluminous and bouncy while continuously conditioning your hair
Long lasting hold whilst maintaining natural shine


Tigi Bed Head Candy Fixations Sugar Shock 150ml

£0.00 (inc VAT £0.00)

Mist TIGI Bed Head Candy Fixations Sugar Shock into hair for a tousled look, or layer throughout hair for extreme texture, fullness and hold.

Out of Stock

Tigi Bed Head Foxy Curls Hi-Def Curl Spray 200ml

£6.95 (inc VAT £8.34)

Tigi Bed Head Foxy Curls Hi-Def Curl Spray is an ultra fine mist designed to help you achieve defined, frizz free and seaparetd curls for a bouncy vibrant style


TIGI Bed Head Maxxed-Out Massive Hold Hairspray 236ml

£7.25 (inc VAT £8.70)

Massive Hold Hairspray

Quit your bichin This P.M.S. (Pump. Massive. Style) unisex formula is quick drying and guarantees hold and super shine.

- Any hair length or texture
- Helps protect hair from sun damage
- Fine mist for light, even application


Tigi Bed Head Superstar Volumizing Leave-In Conditioner 200ml

£6.70 (inc VAT £8.04)

Bed Head Superstar Volumizing Hairspray is fantastic for keeping that superstar style in place.

- Provides medium hold
- Enhances volume
- Reduces frizz Adds shine

Out of Stock

Tigi S Factor Body Booster Plumping Spray 200ml

£8.00 (inc VAT £9.60)

Provides hold, adds body and volume while conditioning and protecting hair from heat damage. Keeps hair conditioned and helps to repair damage, results in a gloss finish. Watermelon fragrance.

Out of Stock

Tigi S Factor Payaya Leave In Moisture Spray 250ml

£8.80 (inc VAT £10.56)

Detangles and conditions while helping to prevent colour fading. Provides nourishment, repair and strengthens damaged hair. Papaya fragrance.

Out of Stock

Wella Professional Create Character Texturizing Spray

£6.30 (inc VAT £7.56)

Hold Level 3.

Use Wella Create Character Texturizing Spray to reveal and refresh the charismatic character of your curls.

This texturizing spray will refresh your curls and enhance texture.

Create Character is a great product for anyone who previously loved Wella High Hair Touch and Feel

Out of Stock

Wella Professionals Flexible Finish Non-Aerosol Working Spray 250ml

£7.29 (inc VAT £8.75)

Discover the unique balance between shaping and fixation with Wella Professionals Finish Flexible Finish Non-Aerosol Working Spray. Work and set creative styles with this wet to dry finishing spray.

Hold level 2.

Directions for use

To finish your style, spray Wella Professionals Finish Flexible Finish Non-Aerosol Working Spray at a distance in targeted bursts onto dry hair. For more creative fixation, manipulate and move hair before the spray dries and sets


Items 1 - 16 of 16 Show 5 15 25 35 per page 1
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