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Colour strippers and removers

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Affinage Eraser colour remover kit

£12.99 (inc VAT £15.59)

Some days we all wish our hair had a reset button.

Introducing Affinage Eraser – giving you tomorrows look today.

Let’s face it, hair colour need not last forever, and with Affinage Eraser they don’t have to.

Affinage Eraser is a revolution in colour removal systems, saving you time, saving your image, and most importantly saving your hair.

A simple, effective, and safe colour removal system, Affinage Eraser specifically targets individual artificial hair colour molecules, breaking them down and removing them from the hair shaft.

With an easy to use crème consistency, Affinage Eraser is as easy to apply as it is to remove, and with 100% removal of broken down colour molecules you can rest assured that when you re-colour the results will be everything you hoped for.

Unlike other colour removal systems the low pH level of Affinage Eraser conditions your hair, leaving it in better condition than when you started, and ready for a fresh application of colour immediately.

Affinage Eraser is a unique and superior system for removal of unwanted or incorrect hair colour, and with it’s quick, easy, and safe application Affinage Eraser gives you the power to create tomorrows
look today

Out of Stock

Barbicide Dy-Zoff Wipes ( 50 ) 3 x 5inch wipes

£7.75 (inc VAT £9.30)

•Drip-free wipes, pre-saturated with Dy-Zoff! lotion, offer unsurpassed convenience and effectiveness - offered in attractive counter ready dispenser!
•Water-based, ammonia-free Dy-Zoff! formula instantly whisks away stains
•Soft, cotton-blend fabric feels luxurious on skin
•Dy-Zoff! wipes remove even the darkest hair color stains without harsh rubbing
•Stay-fresh, single-use disposable use are economical and easy to store
•50 Count


Clynol VITON color clear

£5.95 (inc VAT £7.14)

This product has now been discontinued by the manufacturer, why not try Vitality Colouroff?


New formula
1 x 25g Viton colour clear remover
1 x 20ml Replenishing shampoo
1 x 20ml Activator lotion

Out of Stock

Universel Pebel Protection Maximum for Glasses

£10.95 (inc VAT £13.14)

UNIVERSEL Disposable Shields for glasses, straight model, suitable for all frame types: for trendy straight arms as well as for the classic curved frames -

100 per pack pairs.

Note. Glasses in picture are for display only they are not included.


Vitality's Color Off

£15.50 (inc VAT £18.60)

Colour Remover kit.

The first cosmetic treatment that delicately removes oxidized color without acting on the hair's natural pigments.

Can also be used for total colour correction.

All in one 3 step kit


Items 1 - 5 of 5 Show 5 15 25 35 per page 1
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