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* Kipa Toffee Fibre Paste 100g

£4.50 (inc VAT £5.40)

Extreme definition.  Extreme hold.  Kipa Toffee fibre paste is the ultimate styling product.  It's soft smooth pliable texture makes it extremely easy to use while it's extreme hold will style your hair the way you want it.  It smells amazing too!

Fibre paste, Extreme hold, Low shine, Long lasting


Brylcream Hairdressing 140ml

£1.50 (inc VAT £1.80)

SINCE 1928. The original hairdressing. This Original Hairdressing product has been styling men since 1928. Brylcreem Original gives strong hair and a healthy scalp and looks good on short, sharp masculine styles.


Dax Plus One Grooming Shampoo 118ml

£1.00 (inc VAT £1.20) was £1.99

Removes oil & petroleum based dressings and conditioners.

Clearence item.


Denman Gents pocket comb ( single pk. )

£1.00 (inc VAT £1.20)


Gent Pocket Comb ( Card of 20 )

£4.50 (inc VAT £5.40)


HairGum Anti Dandruff Tonic Lotion 250ml

£4.99 (inc VAT £5.99)


A dual-action lotion for easy styling and prevents the formation of dandruff. With peppermint extract and piroctone anti-dandruff, prevents dryness of the scalp while providing a pleasant feeling of freshness.

Its application to dry hair or damp before styling allows flexibility in the discipline.

Directions: spread on dry or wet hair. Massage the scalp for 1 to 2 minutes. Do not rinse.


Hairgum Shampooing Tonique Menthe fresh mint 1000ml

£10.95 (inc VAT £13.14)

Anti Dandruff Tonic Shampoo with free dispenser pump


This shampoo purifies and freshens the scalp due to the fresh mint extract combined with the anti-dandruff pirictone.

It removes the impurities, grease and build up of hair products and smoothes your hair. It is left shiny and soft like never before.

The fresh mint extract has a purifying and anti dandruff property, its pleasant smell will slightly perfume your hair


Indola Advanced Milk Complex Energy Shampoo 200ml

£2.00 (inc VAT £2.40) was £4.20

Shampoo for hair loss prevention

Out of Stock

KIPA Head Shot 250ml

£4.50 (inc VAT £5.40)

Kipa HEAD SHOT Strong Hold Styling / Finishing Mist 250ml

Head Shot is a high performance humidityresistant styling/finishing spray


Kipa ONE SHOT Maximum Hold Hairspray 150ml

£3.95 (inc VAT £4.74)

Kipa HEAD SHOT 250ml

Head Shot is a high performance humidity resistant styling/finishing spray.


Kippa Gloss Boss Extreme Wax 100gr

£3.95 (inc VAT £4.74)


Extreme definition Extreme Gloss. Create that razor sharp look with Kipa Gloss Boss hair wax.
Gloss Boss isideal for short hair giving strong hold with superb shine.
Wax pomade
Superb shine
Great definition


Loreal Homme Cover 5 Ammonia free colour for men (Pk 3 x 50ml )

£16.99 (inc VAT £20.39)

Available in light brown only


Matador Number 2 BARBER saw cut

£5.49 (inc VAT £6.59)


Matodor Number 11 Saw Cut

£6.25 (inc VAT £7.50)


OSMA alum block ( Poids ) 100g

£3.00 (inc VAT £3.60) was £6.95

An alum block is applied by moistening with cold water and gently rubbing over a moist face. Made from potassium alum this product is antiseptic and is an astringent. This helps to sooth irritation and razor burn and also helps to stop any small nicks or cuts from bleeding.

As per the display with No box price to clear


OSMO Detoxify Clarifying Cleanser 250ml

£3.35 (inc VAT £4.02)

 A deep clarifying cleanser designed to effectively remove product build-up and impurities whilst retaining hydration.

for use on wet hair once a week.


Pashana Original Brilliantine (250ml)

£3.99 (inc VAT £4.79)

Renowned for its blend of fine essential Pashana oils, discerning gentlemen have been using this hair dressing for nearly 100 years to maintain and care for healthy hair. A daily application will keep the hair in good condition.


Pinaud Eau De Cologne Fragrance 220 ml

£1.50 (inc VAT £1.80) was £2.99

Save 50% on regular price while stock last only

The traditional Eau De Cologne.
A crisp fresh all over fragrance that refreshes & invogorates.

Out of Stock

Rubbernex Soft wash basin comfort

£8.95 (inc VAT £10.74)

Pack of 2


Salon Essentials Paper Neck Strip Pk.5 Rolls

£8.99 (inc VAT £10.79)


Sibel Water Spray and Neck Brush set

£8.95 (inc VAT £10.74)


Slika Styling Wax 165g

£1.75 (inc VAT £2.10)

Great price

Modern non greasy styling wax defines the more dramatic shapes and styles.


Slika Styling Wax with Argan Oil

£2.99 (inc VAT £3.59)

 Create superb style and lasting hold. Enriched with Argan Oil, famed for its super conditioning and moisturing qualities.


Stylecare Bay Rum 1 Ltr

£4.00 (inc VAT £4.80)


Styptic Pencils ( Card of 12 )

£3.95 (inc VAT £4.74)


Talc Blower

£5.99 (inc VAT £7.19)


Tigi Bead Head for Men Matte Separation Workable Wax 75g

£7.25 (inc VAT £8.70)

Who: Guys who want hold, style and a natural finish.

A pliable wax with matte definition.

Beeswax, cera caranauba and a blend of polymers provide separation, hold and humidity resistance.

Apply to damp or dry hair for texture and hold.


Tigi Bed Head for Men Pure Texture Molding Paste 100ml

£5.95 (inc VAT £7.14)

For Guys who want controlled separation.

A versatile cream-to-paste fusion that creates texture, hold and control.

Natural emollients, antioxidants, and essential ingredients keep hair conditioned, moisturised and healthy.

Work through wet hair for a firm hold or dry hair for a medium hold with a matte finish.


Tigi Bedhead For Men Clean Up Shampoo 250ml

£5.25 (inc VAT £6.30)

Guys with hair.

Cleans hair, invigorates scalp Daily.

Sunflower seed, saw palmetto & lemongrass extracts along with menthol contribute to healthy hair growth.

Lather up, massage into hair & scalp to promote healthy hair growth and rinse.


Tigi Catwalk Session Series Finishing Hairspray 300ml

£6.70 (inc VAT £8.04)

A series of hairsprays within the Catwalk Collections, Sleek Mystique Look-Lock Hairspray and Session Series Work It and Finishing Hairspray, were designed with custom durable hold resins that create a unique, ultra flexible bond. The custom resins in the hairspray penetrate through several layers of the hair providing control not only on your top layer but throughout the style locking your finished look in place. Tobacco Flower Noir fragrance


Tigi Catwalk Session Series Salt Spray 270ml

£8.20 (inc VAT £9.84)

Adds definition, provides texture and body with flexible hold and control. Tobacco Flower Noir fragrance


Tigi Catwalk Session Series Styling Cream 150ml

£7.30 (inc VAT £8.76)

Provides style retention and control, fights humidity and adds shine and body while retianing moisture. Tobacco Flower Noir fragrance.


Tigi Catwalk Session Series Transforming Dry Shampoo 250ml

£7.80 (inc VAT £9.36)

Absorbs oil and odour, adding volume and texture with a matte finish.Tobacco Flower Noir Fragrance.


Tigi Catwalk Session Series True Wax 50g

£6.70 (inc VAT £8.04)

Provides shine and hold while controling frizz and protecting against humidity. Tobacco Flower Noir fragrance.

Out of Stock

Tigi Catwalk Session Series Wet Look Gel 200ml

£6.70 (inc VAT £8.04)

Gives flexible hold and luster while providing frizz control and a high gloss finish. Tobacco Flower Noir fragrance

Out of Stock

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