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Ltr Bottle economy perms

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Clynol Curlylocks Perm

£10.95 (inc VAT £13.14)

This product has now been discontinued by the manufacturer.

The traditional all round perm Curlylocks waving lotion one type for all hair types.

Pack includes:

1 x Ltr Perm


Out of Stock

Herbal Wave Carry Pack 1+1 Ltr

£8.99 (inc VAT £10.79)

Herbal wave perming lotion contains natural herb extracts for balanced conditioned bounce and waves.

Pack contents:

1 x 1 ltr Herbal Wave
1 x 1 ltr Redifoam Neutraliser


Impression perm twin pk Lotion & Nuetraliser ltr

£13.99 (inc VAT £16.79)

A high performance waving solution that delivers consistent results, time after time.

1 - Normal
2 - Tinted

Please state in code box either 1 or 2 as required


Indola 4+4 Classic Curl waving lotion economy 500ml

£7.99 (inc VAT £9.59)

10 per average per bottle only .79p per head for normal hair

Out of Stock

ISO Equalizing PreWrap 250ml

£3.99 (inc VAT £4.79)

Balances hair porosity and ensures overall optimal texture results.

Spay PreWrap to the hair and comb through then perm as desired.


Natural styling classic 1000ml

£16.50 (inc VAT £19.80)

A collection of different formulations of the Hydro-Wave technology and specific individual ingredients for curls, waves or light styling support, promises the best results and very beautiful healthy looking hair with a moisture balance.

0 - For Resistant hair
1 - For normal hair
2 - For tinted hair

Please state either 0 1 or 2 in code box as required

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Silk wave Economy Perm Wave 500ml

£7.25 (inc VAT £8.70)

Economy with quality perm lotion handy pack.

Pack contents:

1 x 500ml Silk wave
1 x 500ml Redifoam Neutraliser


Silk wave Economy Perm Wave Carry Pk.

£9.49 (inc VAT £11.39)

Economy with quality perming lotion for all hair types.

Pack contents:

1 x 1 ltr Perm lotion
1 x 1 ltr Redifoam Neutraiser


Wella Formwell Perm Lotion carry pack

£21.95 (inc VAT £26.34)

This product has now been discontunued by the maunfacturer and stock is limited.

Wella formwell Perm Lotion carry pack.

Pack contents include:

1 x 1 ltr Perm
1 x 1 ltr Wella Neutraliser

Out of Stock

Wella Perform No Wait Neutraliser 1 Litre

£14.95 (inc VAT £17.94)

A mild alkaline permanent wave neutralser which controls and directs both the active perming lotion and the conditioning ingredients of the neutralser to the specific areas where they are needed

Out of Stock

Items 1 - 10 of 10 Show 5 15 25 35 per page 1
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