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Brush sets & Retail Displays

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Babyliss Metalic mini brush display tub of 18

£16.90 (inc VAT £20.28)

Assorted colours ideal for handbag


Cricket 27 brush retail display

£159.60 (inc VAT £191.52)

No one wants static in their hair. Cricket has solved this problem with the Static Free brush collection. Static Free brushes eliminate fly away hair, have reinforces stay-put ball tips and non-slip grips for maximum control and comfort

Display contains:

3 x Cushion 220
3 x Sculpting 680
3 x Mini Fast Flow
3 x Fast flow
3 x Tunnel
3 x Volumizer
3 x RPM 8
3 x RPM 12
3 x RPM 12XL

Out of Stock

Cricket Amped Up Teasing Brush Retail Display ( 9 Brush )

£20.03 (inc VAT £24.04)

Cricket Amped Up brush display unit (9 piece).

Pump up the volume with the amped up teasing
The boar/nylon mixed multi-level bristles create
various degrees of volume
and style easily, while
the bristle pattern and texture minimises damage,
breakage and split ends.
The ergonomic handle provides maximum comfort,
while the specially designed sectioning tip easily
allows separation and texture variation.
Attractive counter display holding 9 brushes.
Comes with 3 of each colour:
fuschia pink, aqua blue, purple
Retail at £3.99 each


Cricket Detangler Brush Display ( 6 Piece )

£27.97 (inc VAT £33.56)

Cricket Detangler brush counter display (6 piece).

The perfect brush for detangling wet or dry hair.
Soft nylon bristles with ball tips detangle and
smooth with ease.
Padded cushion gives additional comfort and
massage, great for sensitive scalps.
Hanging hole for easy storage. Elegant translucent finish.
Attractive counter display holds 6 brushes.
Comes with two of each colour:
hot pink, bright blue, electric green
Retail to your clients at £6.99 and add to your reception profits.


Cricket Static Free Brush Display ( 9 assorted brushes )

£46.61 (inc VAT £55.93)

Cricket Static Free thermal brush display (9 piece).

No one wants static in their hair. 
Cricket have solved this problem with the static
free brush collection.
Static free thermal round brushes eliminate fly
away hair, plus the seamless ceramic barrel
improves heat retention.
Attractive counter display holds 9 round brushes.
Comes with 3 of each size:
Thermal 38 Retail £8.95 each
Thermal 43 Retail £8.95 each
Thermal 53 Retail £8.95 each


Head Jog Hot Curling brush set of 4 with zip bag

£8.50 (inc VAT £10.20)

Set contains

1 x hj 12
1 x hj 13
1 x hj 15
1 x hj 16

with free clear zip bag


Head Jog Pink 5 Brush Set And Bag

£17.99 (inc VAT £21.59)

Head Jog Pink 5 Brush Set.

The latest brush range from Hair Tools featuring Ceramic and Ionic Technology. Combining the latest technology with the hottest colour, the Head Jog PINK Radial Collection offers style and functionality in the very highest quality radial brush. Ionic Bristle Radial Brushes with Ceramic Coated Barrel. Vent holes allow warm air to circulate at the roots of the hair, to allow fast & effective blow-drying & styling. With ergonomically designed handles for Easy Grip & Maximum Control.

1 x Head Jog 76 25mm Radial,
1 x Head Jog 77 33mm Radial,
1 x Head Jog 78 43mm Radial,
1 x Head Jog 79 50mm Radial and
1 x Head Jog 80 60mm Radial and
1 x large oval carry bag


Rand Rocket Streaker 6 brush & bag set

£14.99 (inc VAT £17.99)

Great value set


Tunnel vent
4 assorted hot curling brushes
plus see through hold all bag.

colours available metailic

Red or Purple

Please state required colour in colour box

Red or Purple

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TerMix Evolution T Flon 032 soft

£14.99 (inc VAT £17.99)

Termix Evolution Soft 32 in gift box

Brush designed specifically for fine hair, reduces drying time by 30% over conventional aluminum brushes. The ergonomic handle is designed to provide extended professional use and its effect favors slip grip even with wet hands. The nonstick tube prevents the accumulation of waste (remnants of paint, etc..)


Items 1 - 9 of 9 Show 5 15 25 35 per page 1
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