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Manicure starter kits

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Hive Of Beauty - Luxury Manicure Kit - Complete Hand & Nail Care

£18.95 (inc VAT £22.74)

Brought to you by one of the biggest names in Hair & Beauty Care in the UK.

this Nail and Manicure Pack really is the business.

Complete with everything your hands could desire from Emery Board nail files to cuticle removing cream and Refining hand scrub

These are professional quality products that the professionals use and swear by.

Treat yourself as this really is a huge treat for your hands and nails

Included within this indulging kit is:

Hive Cuticle remover 150ml An effective manicure treatment product for the softening and removal of excess cuticles.

Hive Cuticle Massage Cream 100ml A rich deep penetrating massage cream to soften cuticles and improveblood circulation to the nail bed.

Hive Refining Hand Scrub 100ml A refining hand scrub formulated to gently remove dead skin cells leaving the hands feeling smoother and softer.

Hive Hand Treatment Cream 100ml A nourishing cream designed to provide immediate relief to dry rough skin. Containing Aloe Vera Gel, Coconut Oil and Jojoba to calm and moisturise. The hands are left feeling silky smooth every time

Solutions by Hive, Non Acetone Polish Remover 500ml A gentle acting formula developed for use on natural and artificial nails.

Solutions by Hive, Hand Treatment Masque 100ml A nourishing treatment masque formulated to re-hydrate and revive aging hands, leaves the hands feeling soft and smooth.

Hive Of Beauty, Double Sided Emery Boards 10 Pack Used as nail files for smoothing out rough edges of nails during manicures or pedicures. Emery Boards are very sanitary and are a disposable alternative to metal nail files.

Hive Of Beauty, Mask Removing Sponge A high quality sealed moist sponge that speeds up the removal of products from your skin dramatically.

Solutions by Hive Draw String Bag A highly stylish, quality, crystal clear carry bag to hold all your Hive of Beauty manicure products


Hive of Beauty Rituals Electric Heated Mitts (pair)

£25.75 (inc VAT £30.90)

Hive of Beauty Rituals product. The electric heated mitts provide soothing and relaxing warmth to the clients hands improving product performance and allowing deeper penetration of oil and moisturising agents.

Ideal for softening cuticles, moisturising dry nails and enhancing paraffin wax treatments. Hive of Beauty Rituals Electric Heated Mitts (pair)


Natural Manicure / Pedicure Kit

£47.50 (inc VAT £57.00)

Each kit includes:

* Manicure bowl
* Cuticle Remover 10ml
* Cuticle Oil 10ml
* Nail Nourish 14ml
* Hand & Nail Lotion 60ml
* Sterilising Spray 60ml
* Sterilising Gel 60ml
* 5 Star Top Coat 11ml
* Manicure Sticks x 5
* Cuticle Nipper
* Varnish Remover 60ml
* Hoof Stick
* Nail Clippers
* Black Beauty File Wide 240/240 x 2
* 3 Way Satin Buffer
* 5 Start Base Coat
* Lint Free Pads x 50
* Pedipad'l Foot File
* Tea Tree Gentle Exfoliant
* EDGE Colour Polish - Helsinki
* EDGE Colour Polish - Ivory Coast
* EDGE Colour Polish - Champagne


Strictly Professional Manicure Care Kit

£10.00 (inc VAT £12.00)

All the essential supplies and equipment you need to get started with manicures, including manicure mask, hand lotion and a 3 way buffer. Full kit contains:

1 x 150 ml creamy cuticle remover
1 x 100 ml hand lotion
1 x 150 ml non-acetone nail polish remover
1 x 100 ml manicure mask
1 x 60 ml cuticle massage cream
1 x rubber-ended hoof stick
1 x large 3-way buffer


Items 1 - 4 of 4 Show 5 15 25 35 per page 1
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