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Wax heaters

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Babyliss Satin Smooth Double Wax Heater

£54.95 (inc VAT £65.94)

This unique heater has two warming wells with independent heating controls for simultaneous use. It has fast heat-up, 10 temperature settings and is thermostatically controlled to maintain ideal wax temperature all day.

Features at a glance
Heats wax fast for quick and easy hair removal
2 Independent warming wells with individual temperature dials
2 Independent wax pots with scraper bar
Individual on/off switches
10 temperature settings
Holds standard wax containers

Out of Stock

Babyliss Satin Smooth Wax Warmer BAB8828U

£25.15 (inc VAT £30.18)

This compact wax warmer offers fast heat-up, 10 temperature settings and is thermostatically controlled to maintain ideal wax temperature all day, giving the therapist total control in use.

Heats wax fast for quick and easy hair removal

10 temperature settings

Holds standard wax containers

Wax pot inclusive of scraper bar

On/off switch, with ‘On’ indicator light


Out of Stock

Cyclax Wax It Introduction to Waxing Kit

£45.95 (inc VAT £55.14)

The Cyclax Introduction to Waxing Kit is a great value way to get started using Cyclax Wax It.

As well as a wax heater, you get a soft wax and a creme wax both with Vitamin E and tea tree to help reduce inflammation.

The kit comes in its own bag, making it easy to carry around. It contains

Easy-to-use wax heater
Vitamin E & Tea Tree Creme Depilatory Wax 475g
Vitamin E & Tea Tree Soft Depilatory Wax 475g
Pre Care Cleansing Lotion 400ml
After Care Soothing Lotion 400ml
100 Traditional Paper Waxing Strips
100 Waxing Spatulas

Out of Stock

Cyclax Wax It Portable 30 Watt Wax Heater

£20.95 (inc VAT £25.14)

Portable 30 watt wax heater
Reservoir holds standard size wax containers
Easy to clean
Removable container with carry handle
Locking protective cover
1.8m cable with fitted plug
multi-voltage 120v - 240v


Deo Pink Wax Heater

£44.99 (inc VAT £53.99)

Deo 1000cc analogue wax heater. Includes inner wax bucket, locking lid, locking collar and removable mains lead. Thermostatic heat control 0c to 115c with indicator lights. Suitable for all depilatory and paraffin waxes



Hive of Beauty 200ml capacity compact wax heater

£16.95 (inc VAT £20.34)

Petite Compact Wax Heater 200ml Capacity

This professional 200ml capacity Wax Heater is specifically designed for use with depilatory warm and hot waxes for salon perfect hair removal or luxurious paraffin heat therapy treatments. Ideal for mobile therapists, or for use in smaller salons where space is limited. 

Pack Contents:

Wax heater with locking lid, 2 x 50g Hot film Wax Discs



Hive of Beauty Mini Waxer

£44.50 (inc VAT £53.40)

This heater has been designed for the insertion of warm or creme depilatory wax pots, in either metal or plastic containers. (An inner liner must be used when using hot wax. Must be cleaned with equipment cleaner not surgical spirit).


Hive Options Wax Heater Inner Container 1 Ltr

£9.95 (inc VAT £11.94)

For use with Hive heaters

HOB5000 HOB8000 & HOB8100


Options by Hive Wax Heater 1000cc/1 Litre

£49.95 (inc VAT £59.94)

Designed to deliver a cost effective waxing solution, ideal for students and small salons. Stylishly moulded and made from high resistant durable materials with accurate and easily understood controls, the heaters will heat all types of waxes including warm, creme, hot and paraffin. Each size comes with an inner container for ultimate flexibility


Paraffin Wax Heater

£39.99 (inc VAT £47.99)

150-watt paraffin wax heater that's ideal for all paraffin wax treatments.

Has a capacity of 2.7 litres.


Pro Beauty Wax Equipment Cleaner 1 Ltr

£5.95 (inc VAT £7.14)

Out of Stock

Pro Beauty Wax Equipment Cleaner 500ml

£4.55 (inc VAT £5.46)


REM Standard Wax Trolley

£165.00 (inc VAT £198.00)

Standard Wax Trolley 01721 Available in white only. 

Please note that the Wax Pot shown is not included with the Standard Wax Trolley 


REM Stratus Beauty Universal Trolley

£125.00 (inc VAT £150.00)

REM Stratus Trolley 01732

The Stratus Beauty Trolley has a white metal frame with 3 glass shelves


Satin Smooth Double Wax Heater

£41.30 (inc VAT £49.56)

2 warming wells with independent temperature controls

The Satin Smooth Double Wax Heater has all the great features of their standard wax heater, but with the added versatility of 2 independently-controlled warming wells. You can thus have two different waxes on the go simultaneously or just double quantities of the same wax if you have got a particularly busy day lined up and do not want to have to keep refilling.

The Double Wax Heater has a fast heat-up with 10 temperature settings on each well so you can set exactly the right heat for your wax. Each well also has its own on off switch and is thermostatically controlled, so will maintain wax at the ideal temperature all day.

The wells have independent wax pots with an integral scraper bar in each. They're designed to hold standard wax containers.


Satin Smooth Wax Heater

£23.95 (inc VAT £28.74)

Precision control over wax warming

Not only does the BaByliss Pro Satin Smooth Wax Heater get wax up to temperature quickly, but once it's there, its energy efficient thermostatic heating mechanism ensures that the wax remains at the ideal temperature for as long as you need.

It has 10 different temperature settings, giving you complete control of the correct temperature for your needs, and takes standard-sized wax containers. The wax pot itself has a handy scraper bar to make it easy to remove excess wax from the spatula.

Safety features include non-slip rubber feet and an indicator light to show when the heater is on, reducing the risk of moving it when it is full of hot wax.


Items 1 - 16 of 16 Show 5 15 25 35 per page 1
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