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Applicators & spatulas

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Heavy Duty Polythene Full Size Wash up Style / Pedicure / Solution Bowl

£3.75 (inc VAT £4.50)


Art de Beaute Antiseptic Lotion 500ml

£2.80 (inc VAT £3.36)


Clean and Easy Lavender Moisture Absorbent Powder

£2.85 (inc VAT £3.42)

Clean and Easy Lavender Moisture Absorbent Powder for better adhesion.

Lightly dust the area to be waxed to absorb excess oil or moisture on the skin.

99g bottle 3.5oz


Cotton Buds 200's 100% Cotton

£1.05 (inc VAT £1.26)


GiGi Accu Edge Applicator

£4.85 (inc VAT £5.82)

Gi Gi Accu Edge Applicator is to apply wax to large area with angled edge


Glass mixing rods

£0.65 (inc VAT £0.78)


HairTools Zebra Measuring Scales

£11.95 (inc VAT £14.34)

Hairtools Zebra Digital weighing scales for hair colour.

Product Spec:
High precision strain gauge sensor system. Safety material (ABS or AS for foods).
148x148x4mm Tempered safety glass. Total dimensions:160×160×26mm.
Max capacity: 2000g. Division: 1g.
Four unit convertible freely: g/kg/oz/lb:oz.
Tare function. Over-load /Low battery indicator.
Power: 1 x 3V CR2032 lithium battery (included).


Hive Manicure Pads ( pk. 24 )

£4.15 (inc VAT £4.98)


Hive of Beauty 100ml clear glass measure

£2.45 (inc VAT £2.94)


Hive of Beauty Kidney Dish

£1.00 (inc VAT £1.20)


Hive Of Beauty Professional Purified Talc - Pre Wax Talcum powder

£1.95 (inc VAT £2.34)

A fine un-fragranced Waxing Talc presented in a stylish aluminium tin with a re-sealable twisting lockable cap, this hive talc is ideally suited to the preparation of your skin before all waxing treatments.

All depilatory wax performance is significantly improved when applied to non oily skin as the wax can then adhere to even the finest of hairs.

Very popular amongst Beauty salons and Beauticians

Out of Stock

Hive Polythene Solution Bowl 8in

£1.80 (inc VAT £2.16)

A multi-purpose polythene solution bowl


Peepers Tanning Goggles Individual ( assorted colours )

£2.99 (inc VAT £3.59)

Lenses offer great visibility while shielding and protecting eyes from harmful UV exposure.

Ergonomically designed to the exact shape of the eye for the best possible fit.

Specially designed to leave no unsightly tan lines.

Individually Sold Come in assorted colors.

Colours currently in stock

Qty Please state colour required from list above

Plain Absorbent Gauze BP 90cm x 5 Metre Roll

£3.60 (inc VAT £4.32)


Sibel Nails CELLULOSE SQUARES 2 x 500 pcs.

£4.99 (inc VAT £5.99)

Non-fluff cosmetic wipes on a roll for removing nail varnish or cleaning nails. Also suitable for other cosmetic applications. 2 x 500 pcs
40 x 50 mm
reference 3400810


Strictly Professional V Shaped Cuticle Knife SP1 0220

£2.00 (inc VAT £2.40)

Out of Stock

Wax It Waxing Spatulas 100 pk.

£1.35 (inc VAT £1.62)

Disposable wooden waxing spatulas for applying wax treatments. Quantity 100.

Out of Stock

Items 1 - 17 of 17 Show 5 15 25 35 per page 1
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